As the world’s largest producer of Matcha green tea, Aiya is tireless in our mission to share the goodness of Matcha with the world. Balancing technology and tradition, we have been dedicated to producing only the finest quality Matcha since first opening our doors in 1888. We provide many grades and sizes of Matcha to meet all needs, such as ceremonial and cooking grades, in everything from small tins to full cases by the pallet. Our popular stick products were crafted with speed and convenience in mind: The Zen Café Blend line mixes tea powders and pure cane sugar for an easy latte/smoothie, and the Matcha to Go sticks fit anywhere and eliminate the need of a whisk! Want more? Join us at the main events stage where we will hold a “Cooking with Matcha” demo with free Matcha treats. This will be an event you would not want to miss. Come visit us at booth 413 to try our Matcha!
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