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Avira For our more than 100 million active users worldwide, whether it is at work or home, virus protection from Avira primarily means freedom, offering a stress less and worry-free internet browsing experience with the great feeling of not having to worry about malware attacks, or other cyber threats. At Avira, we have worked passionately since our inception to provide more security on the Internet through our innovative and user-friendly technologies. Partner with us, we offer generous margins, effective promotions, advanced trainings, and personalized service. Avira is a privately held company that started in 1986. Avira’s core business is IT security and performance solutions for businesses and consumers. Headquartered in Tettnang, Germany with offices in Munich, Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, and the USA. Over 500 employees worldwide. 1,317,128 protection updates/minute. Over 490 million installations worldwide.
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