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HAECO HAECO ITM, a joint-venture between HAECO and Cathay Pacific, provides Inventory Technical Management solutions ranging from full-fledged Power-By-The-Hour (PBH) inventory management to one-off loans, exchanges and AOG support. Its services cover all commercial aircraft types on a nose-to-tail basis, including Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) for airframe, engines, APUs, landing gears and cargo loading systems. By managing procurement, pool management, inventory control, warehousing and quality assurance for customers’ component inventories, HAECO ITM acts as a single contact point for all inventory matters and guarantees the replenishment of customer stock from the company's pool. HAECO ITM offers comprehensive engineering and repair management services, covering evaluation and warranty administration, as well as technical records and tracking. By working hand-in-hand with the OEMs and world-class supply chain partners to drive cost effectiveness and reliability, HAECO ITM optimises component reliability and operational efficiency. With HAECO’s strong MRO heritage and vast operational experience for a large pool of airline customers, HAECO ITM delivers comprehensive component solutions that ensure customer fleet performance and technical dispatch reliability with guaranteed service level whilst providing cost visibility. View Website
Haeco Special Services
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Hamburg Aviation Hamburg Aviation is the aviation cluster network for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region – one of the world’s leading locations in the industry. In total, 40,000 highly qualified specialists in 300 companies and institutions here are working on the future of aviation. Their core competencies cover the complete aircraft life cycle, from design, manufacture and fitting out, to air transportation, MRO, and finally recycling. View Website
Hammond Manufacturing
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