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Betafence USA Betafence is the strategic business partner of choice for outdoor perimeter security solutions. As the specialist in product, service and innovation, Betafence sets standards of excellence for the entire industry. We specialize in the design, project management and integration of total perimeter solutions. From RPG pre-detonation screens to wireless detection and communication of remote locations, Betafence has been Securing What Matters for over 130 years and continues to expand globally.
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BeyondBrands TODAY'S CONSUMER EXPECTS MORE FROM THE PRODUCTS THEY PUT IN, ON, AND AROUND THEIR BODIES | Quality, transparency, authenticity and social responsibility are core attributes that will lead the winning brands of tomorrow. Conscious products embody all of these values. At their heart, they are good for you, the world, and our future. BeyondBrands is a conscious collective of industry experts united with one purpose: to help emerging and established brands build, launch, market and scale better, healthier, more conscious, sustainable products into the market. We are a full-service consulting agency ready to engage a comprehensive range of services to initiate, incubate, innovate, collaborate and accelerate conscious brands and products. BeyondBrands Website
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