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CEES - Central Europe Engine Service
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Cellwatch We keep the world’s largest internet companies, data centers, financial institutions and manufacturers up and running with our state of the art UPS battery monitoring systems. Our technology helps prevent downtime by alerting customers the instant a backup battery begins to fail. Cellwatch is simple to design and easy to install, with built-in applications that quickly identify and isolate issues in the battery room. Cellwatch. Powering Confidence.
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Center for Automotive Research
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Century Fasteners of Mexico
CenturyLink CenturyLink brings nearly 20 years of experience delivering secure and reliable data center colocation services to organizations across a variety of industries to increase business efficiency, cut costs, increase growth opportunities and improve service levels. Recognized as a trusted colocation provider by many of the world's largest companies, our global footprint includes over 60 data centers built to a minimum of N+1 redundant infrastructure.
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