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Port San Antonio Port San Antonio is beginning its second century as an aviation and technology hub. Kelly Field opened on April 5, 1917 and soon became a center for maintenance and engineering. Today Port San Antonio hosts some of the world’s leading aviation and technology companies providing cutting edge MRO, modification, and support services on a wide variety of engines and airframes. Our San Antonio address offers more than just a cost-efficient location, it provides access to thousands of highly experienced and qualified mechanics, technicians, and engineers ready to ensure high quality workmanship. On behalf of our aerospace industry customers Boeing, StandardAero, Chromalloy, GDC Technics, GoAeroMX, APSE AGC Aerospace & Defense, AECOM, XPO Logistics, Lockheed Martin, and the thousands of people that they collectively employ at Port San Antonio – welcome to San Antonio: Aerospace Works Here! Website
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